New Beginnings- Meditation and Tea Ceremony 2017

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New Beginnings- Meditation and Tea Ceremony 2017

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Are you looking for more peace in your life and the world at large?

Have you tried to meditate before, but been confused as to how or questioned if you were doing it right?

Have you been curious about getting your own mantra to meditate with?

Have you ever wanted to participate in a silent tea ceremony and had no idea how or where to go?

If you answered yes to any of these above questions then we encourage you to join us Saturday January 7, 2017 from 9-1. Hillary Talbott and Ashley Smith are excited to bring you this one of a kind opportunity to invite more peace into your daily life. From 9-11  you will be given your very own personal mantra and instruction on how to use it. After a short meditation on your own we will participate as a small group in a silent tea ceremony sealing this auspicious event. 

Jan 7th 9am-1pm 


with or without mantra:
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What to bring: An open heart and mind and a yoga mat if you have one.


Dress: Wear relaxed comfy clothing.  


Details: Fruit we be available for a light snack


Levels: Beginner


Type: Meditation and Tea Ceremony


Requirements: Date, Time and Place of Birth- you will submit this when you sign up so your nakshatra mantra can be calculated based on Vedic calculations of the alignment of the moon and stars on the horizon the moment you were manifested onto your own journey as an individual.


Cost- $144 with Mantra or $97 without Mantra


Please sign up ahead of time here as space is limited to 10 people


Where can I find more information? For info on tea ceremonies with Ashley visit