The Power of Choice

Your ability to choose is quite possibly the most important power you own. Decisions can have a lasting trail of after effects that remain long after the initial decision. I've been contemplating this more than usual lately with the election and very deeply since about 3am this morning. Let me preface this by saying I am not a morning person nor do I have insomnia. Something prompted me to check my phone at 2:15 and then again at 3 for the results as I cowered in utter disbelief after the first check. There was no sleeping after the second check. Not even a restless half-assed one. 

I struggled with choice for a long time. Mostly because my well meaning hippie cusp parents gave me a lot of rope early on to make decisions of my own because they feared repressing me like their parents did. The ability to choose is great, but it can be debilitating if you don't have the foundation in place on HOW to choose. For me, it took years of meditation to realize that's what I had been missing and that stillness provided me with the ability to listen to my higher self instead of my reactive emotions or ego driven mind when making a choice, big or small. So for those of you that didn't make a choice in the election, for whatever "reason" you signified I get it. Many, myself included, felt helpless and paralyzed or if their hands hand already been tied by a broken system with crooks on both sides. I knew that I had to make a choice based on my values though, not of who was more qualified. In the end voting to stop racism and sexism was the only thing that won out in my mind and propelled me to the polls. 

Anger and fear naturally arose inside of me like so many. And while I don't always think of anger a bad emotion I do think that it clouds my perception when making decisions. Anger can be good. Let's remember Ghandi. His anger untied and effectively propelled an entire nation out of British control. He didn't blindly react though. He took a very feminine approach at first cultivating stillness, gathering a silent strength BEFORE putting it into motion with masculine energy. 

When I think about why the emotion of anger shows itself, it's because one wants to feel significant or important. (See our new "leader" as an example of that.) If we want women and minorities to feel significant, seen and heard, we can't possibly fight with the same weapons he is using if we are to win. Anger won't cut it. And fear- that's the emotion begging to drown the joy and compassion residing in my heart and I'm not about to let that happen either. There has to be another way which is why I choose to go into the stillness this morning. In the stillness I can see and hear clearly and creative solutions and actions with incredible power have a way of revealing themselves. I invite you to do the same with me today and every day. I invite you to make a commitment to your own sanity first by starting each day in stillness before reacting to the rhetoric, panic, and paths of the media both social and mainstream. If enough us get clear and possibilities truly are infinite as quantum physics teaches, there can be a creative solution bigger to this than any of us have ever dreamed of if we act as a unit rather than the splintered blathering mess they are counting on. Click here for guided metta meditation I ironically posted on world peace day if you need a little assistance settling the inner turbulence. 

No doubt, the shift that just happened is a deep one. I can feel it in my bones. I shudder for empaths everywhere today, hoping you'll do some self care rather than blindly taking on everyone's reactions.  I pray that everyone everywhere will continue to make choices rather than rolling over thinking they have all been taken from you, slinking into the victim archetype our "leader" is betting on in order to further power his unenlightened policies and practices as the archetypal bully.