I love this book because it completely demystifies meditation. It’s gives such a great explanation of all the ways to meditate through my teacher’s personal adventure back to himself after 9/11.
If you have ever wonder about chi kung or Qi Gong and what the heck it means, what it could do your life, and how to do it this is the book for you. Written by one of the greatest living practitioners, my teach Wong Kiew Kit.
Shame- we all have it, but why? This book points out what shame does to us in the candid and humorous fashion that only Brene Brown could convey. Everyone I have ever recommended this too loved it and found something useful to apply to their situation right away. It’s a lifesaver for anyone with a history of trauma or abuse!
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
By Swami Satchidananda
THE classic on understanding all of the philosophical aspects of yoga so you can start living your yoga off of your mat.
An easy application of how to had spirituality to your life through daily action. This is the basis of all of Deepak’s teachings.
Meditation or mindfulness is not wu-wu and this book proves it in easy to read language with practical exercises to help you start destressifying today. Everyone should read this book!
If you been searching for something in your life to change, but haven’t known what or how this book will definitely open doors for you. She does an amazing job of transmitting her energy through the written word to create change in the reader.
She’s a Buddhist Nun that swears and tells it like it is. It doesn’t get more real than that. Extremely helpful when life is not unfolding to your “expectations.”
If you’ve ever wanted to read a course in miracles, but you were overwhelmed by its shear size this is the book for you.
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