Jade Moon Phase 1 Invigorate

jade invigorate
jade invigorate

Jade Moon Phase 1 Invigorate


Functions: Invigorates Blood to resolve Blood stasis and relieve pain. Regulates Qi to resolve Qi stagnation guides Blood downward, tonifies Kidney, warms the channels. Ensures no stagnation remains which could interfere with the tissue and circulation of the new lining, which will be constructed once the period flow has been discharged.

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1 oz bottle- take 30 drops three times a day in water during menstruation or up to every 3 hours as needed for cramps and passing clots during menses. 


Pinyin Name------Common Name

Yan hu suo----Corydalis yanhusuo tuber

Dang gui shen---Dong quai root

Chi shao---Chinese red peony root

Tao ren---Peach seed

Dan shen---Chinese salvia root and rhizome

Pu huang---Bulrush pollen

Zhi xiang fu---Cyperus rhizome (prepared)

Xu duan---Sichuan teasel root

Chuan xiong---Sichuan lovage rhizome

Shan zha---Chinese hawthorn fruit

Chuan niu xi---Cyathula root

Chao gui zhi---Cinnamon twig (dry fried)

Cautions & Contraindications

Use caution if taking medications for IVF

Contraindicated during an acute phase of an infection or attack by an external pathogen

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