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Welcome to my home in the sky for Lady Potions.  I provide wisdom based wellness to women everywhere. You'll find custom herbal solutions, valuable information via the blog, and free meditation techniques all based on the last decade of my own personal and clinical experience. I'm so excited to share it all with YOU!

After almost two decades of living these "alternative" practices (acupuncture, herbalism, and meditation), 4 years of training, and 8 years of clinical practice I developed lady potions because I knew more and more women were searching for different answers when it came to their health, especially their reproductive health. There is an immense need for education about natural solutions for women’s health issues. 

Everything I teach in my online courses and in my practice with my patients one on one, centers around my belief that if you get the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of a person singing in unison anything is possible.  

After a decade of clinical observation I know in my heart that you need all of these systems functioning at their peak in order to have the best outcomes. If even one of these systems is singing a different tune or not functioning correctly the road to success is much longer and comes with a bumpier ride than if you take the time fine tune them from the start. This is why I spend so much time with my patients, and why my courses are longer than most. I don’t offer band-aids or quick fixes. I offer complete system overhauls through the marriage of ancient wisdom traditions like Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda with modern day research to help women all from all over the globe achieve their dreams.

The outcomes range from optimum health, clarity, and vitality to finding your calling to creating, carrying, and birthing healthy babies.

Due to my own personal experience and the tales of countless women in my treatment room, I knew these "alternatives" weren't even being discussed in most OBGYN/ REI offices.  Many times it was even referred to as voodoo, wishful thinking, or nothing but a placebo effect. 

Too many times the "solutions" we have been offered by our OBGYN's  or RE's don't sit right in our gut or our heart, let alone work. 

Women everywhere are hungry for non-invasive solutions when it comes to their own health and the health of their soon to be created children.  

We know there is something else out there, but we are afraid of mis-information or going against the grain and being shamed for doing so.

It doesn't have to be scary, and these practices aren't new age crap. They are tried and true and backed by scientific evidence. They have been practiced for thousands of years on multiple continents. I'm committed to helping you find solutions that fit your unique situation, whether it's with me or another qualified practitioner. 

While I certainly couldn’t perform acupuncture through the Internet, it became obvious to me that I could provide education and acupressure techniques, emotional and spiritual support, a safe place to buy quality and custom dietary & herbal solutions, and personal development tools like meditation.

Why the heavy emphasis on meditation you ask? Because the nervous, endocrine, immune, and gastrointestinal system are intimately connected.

Think of the the first three like triplets separated at birth. If one is stressed the other two sometimes go bonkers without even knowing why. The GI system is like their parents with an addiction problem. The GI wants to do right by their children, but it keeps craving terrible food feeding them garbage and making their problems worse! Learn how to slow down your nervous system with meditation while strengthening the others and making choices that help all of your systems function at their peak, I promise!

Lady Potions delivers what I call wisdom-based wellness.

Wisdom based wellness uses technology to deliver a combination of knowledge from ancient practices like Chinese Herbal Medicine and Ayurveda, modern day research, safely and ethically sourced natural herbs and dietary supplements, and a little bit of humor and perspective on your situation so that you can have the best possible outcomes! 


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