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Fertile Minds Radio is your place to learn how to maximize you & your partner's fertility; physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Here you'll find tools to help you feel empowered and confident as you move from infertile to pregnancy to parenthood. Hillary Talbott Roland, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Meditation Instructor shares her clinical insight along with leading experts and thought leaders from the realms of TCM, Mindfulness, Women's Health, Psychology, and Obstetrics & Endocrinology. From unexplained infertility to reoccurring miscarriage to raging hormones we've got your covered, and are dedicated to bringing you information to help you conceive naturally or through other means like IVF all while staying sane.


Latest Episodes


Mindful Moments

The Ripple of Gratitude


Empowered Birth Series Pt. 1

with Dawn Herring

Mindful Moments: The Ripple of Gratitude with Hillary Talbott Roland

Creation of life is INTERNAL and it needs a relaxed state to begin, which is exactly why a gratitude practice can help. I invite you to see what unfolds when you commit to an attitude of gratitude. 


Empowered Birth with Dawn Herring Pt 1: Phases of Labor, Pushing and Breath

What does an empowered birth feel like, how do you get one, and how to heal if you don't have one with Dawn Herring?


Unfinished Business

With Erin Gray

fertility meditation foregive.jpeg

Mindful Moments

Forgiveness & it's Key to Your Fertility


Unfinished Business & How it is Wrecking Your Fertility

Our topic today on Unfinished Business may feel really uncomfortable but it can be a game changer. It’s worth every ounce of your energy to shine a light on it so you don’t have to spend an eternity’s worth of energy repressing it. I am joined by the great Erin Gray and together we cover our definition of unfinished business, give specific details on how they could affect fertility, share some exercises to release repressed emotion, and help you decide when you may need to seek professional help on this topic.


A Fertility Meditation -Honing the Skill of Forgiveness

We are in interesting times. Everywhere you turn there seem to be intense emotions and angry accusations flying. From the #metoo to righteous anger over recent violent events, I thought it was a good time to record an antidote to all of this anger. Today we will be focusing on the skill of forgiveness. It's a skill that needs to be practiced in order to make it a permanent part of ourselves & anyone who's been trying to conceive can attest to the myriad of ways the Universe is presenting them with an opportunity to learn to forgive yourself and others.


Do your lady parts need a coach?

Treating infertility with Physical Therapy with Mary Ellen Kramp

Episode 8- Understanding the role physical therapy can have in treating infertility.

We have a lively and in-depth talk on the importance of structural integration when you are trying to get pregnant, as well as during pregnancy, and then my favorite part of this topic, what you can do for yourself postpartum. Mary Ellen’s gentle approach has helped many women with issues both during pregnancy and postpartum. It’s rare that women get referred for physical therapy related to fertility issues, but Mary Ellen works hard to change any stigma, open up a dialogue, and be an advocate for the benefits and health-related gains of seeing either her or a practitioner with a similar approach. 


Treating burnout with Herbs

Do you have Adrenal Fatigue?

Episode 7-Treating Adrenal Fatigue with Herbs.

In today’s episode we are talking all about burnout — how it happens, how to recover naturally, which herbs to take and why meditation helps.


Male & Female Energies

Why it matters for conception

Episode 6- Male & Female Energies with Erin Gray 

Hello and welcome to a fun and juicy episode, all about male and female energies. Today we will be answering the question: what’s the difference between these energies and why does it matter when it comes to conception? Our guest on today’s show is the lovely Erin Gray, mental health counselor and licensed massage therapist extraordinaire. We also talk about balancing the male / female energies, the cultural background of how we got here in the first place, what not to do, and solid examples you can try out today.


Episode 5- Mindful Moments & The Four Agreements

Thank you for joining me for the first installment of Mindful Moments on Fertile Minds Radio. If you listened to Episode 1 or you have worked with me in the past, then you already know meditation is a large part of what I do to keep rising towards the best version of myself AND a big part of what I teach to my patients in order to help them have a deeper inner awareness and to achieve high mental clarity. Now, you might be asking yourself what has this to do with fertility? Today’s episode ties together the benefits of meditation along with a guided practice, and how it can be used as a tool to cultivate peace and relaxation during stressful times. We go over The Four Agreements and I go over a guided meditation to start you along your journey. Thanks for tuning in, upping the vibration and for spreading the word.


Episode 4- Doing vs Being with Erin Gray

Today’s episode is all about doing vs. being and the false notions that we are lazy or passive when we receive. Women of our generation have been raised to be goal-oriented and to go after what we want, whether it’s a law degree or a new car. While being independent and motivated is great and what the culture values, creating life takes two and is way different. It requires reception on a woman's part. It is a powerful thing to lean into doing things for the purpose of feeling good rather than to achieve a specific result. Erin and I give some tips for self-care that hopefully will provide listeners with a feeling of hope, relaxation, and gratitude as they rewire themselves to receive rather than achieve.


Episode 3- Fertility Herbs Part 1

This episode is meant to give you a glimpse at how herbs can be safely used in treating infertility. I could do an entire show just on herbs alone, so this is meant to give you the basics so you have a better understanding of how herbs might help and why exactly we are prescribing what we are. Herbs can seem scary for a gal that’s used to prescriptions and my hope is that this episode can shed a little light on not only how helpful they can be, but to help you feel more secure about how and why to use them. And if you are one of those that wants to do it all yourself, I’ll point you to some resources to find more information on your journey of self-discovery. For those of you that want to know why, but prefer to let a board-certified practitioner diagnose and prescribe, I’m going to tell you how to find one of those too. So let’s dive in


Episode 2- Believing & Trusting with Organic Conceptions Marc Sherman & Dr. Kate Webster

Today’s guests are Marc Sherman and Dr. Kate Webster, creators of the revolutionary online course Organic Conceptions. This course began with Erin and Marc Sherman’s personal struggle in trying to conceive for a decade. In partnership with Dr. Webster, they created a roadmap for themselves and others to chart a course that engages and empowers couples on their path to parenthood. They share the primary goals of Organic Conceptions, the course outline and some examples of expectations that arise during a fertility journey along with the importance of surrender. Marc and Dr. Webster are really doing some amazing work with helping others achieve emotional health and insight during their process and I thank them for digging deep in their own experience to provide a ton of hope, guidance, and information for others.


Episode 1- A New Podcast Is Born

I am so excited to start this journey and my number one commitment is to bring you the world’s best experts in the field of fertility and mind/body medicine. This will be information you can trust and apply immediately along your pregnancy journey. You can look forward to interviews with leading experts, my own personal knowledge, and real-life stories. Fertility is about so much more than getting a positive pregnancy test and I want to teach you to embrace your journey no matter how long you have been trying, whether three months or three years or even longer.