Episode 2 Trusting The Process of a Fertility Journey

Organic Conceptions with Marc Sherman & Dr. Kate Webster


Today’s guests are Marc Sherman and Dr. Kate Webster, creators of the revolutionary online course Organic Conceptions. This course began with Erin and Marc Sherman’s personal struggle in trying to conceive for a decade. In partnership with Dr. Webster, they created a roadmap for themselves and others to chart a course that engages and empowers couples on their path to parenthood. They share the primary goals of Organic Conceptions, the main three chapters and primary expectations that arise and the importance of surrender. Marc and Dr. Webster are really doing some amazing work with helping others achieve emotional health and insight during their process and I thank them for digging deep in their own experience to provide a ton of hope, guidance, and information for others.


[2:40] I share the impressive backgrounds and bios of Dr. Kate Webster and Erin and Marc Sherman.

[7:05] Dr. Webster covers the primary goals of Organic Conceptions, stemming out of predictable problems and patterns with infertility. She also shares what the program is not so people have appropriate expectations.

[8:00] Depending on the statistics, between 1-in-6 and 1-in-8 couples struggles with infertility.

[16:09] They combine influences from biological, emotional, psychological, and sociological models.

[22:03] The program provides the opportunity for couples to go through the steps at their own time in their own home rather than rushing to appointments.

[26:29] Every story culminated into three chapters and nine transitions: The conception of doubt, couples losing patience, and surrender into life.

[29:23] Dr. Webster lists the five primary expectations that arise: age, sequencing of life events, gender roles, images of success, and trust in the medical model.

[34:30] The stages in the surrender into life chapter: rawness, reaching forward and uniting together, renewal. 

[36:40] More than one third of women have pre-conceived doubt about their reproductive abilities before they even try get pregnant.

[44:40] It’s difficult for young women today to try and fit in a career, marriage, and family goals all in one decade.

[55:48] We hear the difference of mal-adaptive vs adaptive coping.

[56:49] Surrendering does not mean just relaxing or giving up on a dream for parenthood. Dr. Webster and Marc share stories of couples that accept the things they cannot change, let go of past disappointment and control over the future to end up finding life again and new interests and passions. A lot of times people have success even after they are significantly older than when they first started on their journey.

[69:15] Every listener gets a free PDF and a monetary discount. They are coming out with a workbook shortly as well.


Continue Your Journey:

Organic Conceptions

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Link to free PDF and discount rate on Organic Conceptions: Ladypotions.com


“Sometimes the struggle is the gift and the door closing is just leading you somewhere else.”

“Couples are living to try, rather than trying to live.”

“We have a tendency to … leap to conclusions rather than trying to reframe it.”

“When we have a problem, we tend to check in with the experts first before we check in with ourselves.”

“So often we are held hostage by our beliefs but we can change our minds. What we think may not always be true.”

About Organic Conceptions: 

Organic Conceptions began with founders Erin and Marc Sherman’s personal struggle in trying to conceive for nearly a decade. In partnership with Ph.D Kate Webster they used proven scientific practices to dig deep into stories from couples like them who unexpectedly overcame infertility naturally (i.e Adopted then conceived, and other such stories). Each individual story offers insight, but when woven together, they provide a road map that can guide others on their journey. Organic Conceptions’ goal is to chart a course that educates, engages, and empowers couples on their personal path to parenthood.