Episode 1- Fertile Minds Radio Is Born

Episode 1- Welcome & Enjoy! A New Podcast Is Born.......Fertile Minds Radio

Welcome to Fertile Minds Radio! Here you will find wisdom for your fertility journey and beyond, chosen specifically to help you trust your body and elevate your spirit. Join us and see what a fertile mind feels like. I am your host, Hillary Talbott Roland. I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, a Certified Fellow of American Board of Reproductive Medicine, and a certified Meditation instructor. I practice at the Art of Acupuncture in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida. I am so excited to start this journey and my number one commitment is to bring you the world’s best experts in the field of fertility and mind/body medicine. This will be information you can trust and apply immediately along your fertility & pregnancy journey. You can look forward to interviews with leading experts, my own personal knowledge, and real-life stories. Fertility is about so much more than getting a positive pregnancy test and I want to teach you to embrace your journey no matter how long you have been trying, whether three months or three years or even longer.



[:20] Welcome! Your host is Hillary Talbott Roland! Today I am sharing with you my background in fertility and reproductive medicine, along with why I am so inspired to start this podcast and share my knowledge.

[3:22] I knew this was my calling since I was 4 and questioning my parents about where babies come from! Flash forward past college and graduate school to the current day where seeing people achieve their dreams is my passion.

[6:29] While the internet provides information quickly and easily, it also can be confusing and contradictory and downright invalid!

[8:35] We will also touch upon the tougher more serious topics, and approach them with openness, knowledge, and acceptance.

[10:09] Meditation is a tool that is very important to me, and I look forward sharing some techniques with those that it may speak to.

“We are all challenged somewhere to be a better person.”

— Hillary Talbott

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