Episode 5 Mindful Moments: The Four Agreements

Thank you for joining me for the first installment of Mindful Moments on Fertile Minds Radio. If you listened to Episode 1 or you have worked with me in the past, then you already know meditation is a large part of what I do to keep rising towards the best version of myself AND a big part of what I teach to my patients in order to help them have a deeper inner awareness and to achieve high mental clarity. Now, you might be asking yourself what has this to do with fertility? Today’s episode ties together the benefits of meditation along with a guided practice, and how it can be used as a tool to cultivate peace and relaxation during stressful times. We go over The Four Agreements and I go over a guided meditation to start you along your journey. Thanks for tuning in, upping the vibration and for spreading the word.

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[2:00] I advise that people get into the daily habit of meditating, so you flex those muscles consistently rather than waiting for a crisis to emerge. It is much harder to calm your mind when a perceived emergency is occurring rather than practicing it every day.

[2:27] When the nervous system is in fight-or-flight, it’s broadcasting the message to every single cell in our bodies that the world is not a safe place at the moment and it’s certainly not a good time to procreate. It’s telling our immunity and sex hormones to drop, our blood to clot in case we get cut and shunting our blood flow to our limbs away from our organs so we can fight or run away.

[4:18] The hippocampus and amygdala govern emotional control.

[5:11] I love to teach women to meditate BEFORE they get pregnant for many reasons. They can access the learned tools during pregnancy, during the actual birth itself and the ultimate test, once the baby is out and now you are a full-fledged parent! Your kids are going to challenge you to grow on every single level, more than you could ever dream. They’re like little mirrors of self-realization beaming back at you 24/7 and we all know self-awareness or constructive criticism is easier to take when you're calm, so why not cultivate this practice now?

[7:32] Today’s meditation is based on a simple code that I find relevant to clarity, daily evolution, & personal transformation: the Four Agreements by the author Don Miguel Ruiz. I used to have a print out of the four agreements hanging on the wall next to my desk during graduate school because it seemed that every patient I had that was emotionally suffering could somehow be relieved by simply adopting one or a few of these agreements into their lives.

[9:01]  To access the meditation at another time, simply text the code 4AGREEMENTS to 44222 and it will be delivered right to you.

[9:32] I start the journey through the Four Agreements, which are:

#1.  Be impeccable with your word.

#2.  Don’t take anything personally

#3.  Don’t make assumptions

#4.  Always do your best

[29:05] Our best is always fluctuating depending on our health, passion, energy, and level of consciousness. 

Through the practice of meditation and codes of conduct, we raise our vibration and show up at a higher level. Only you can decide to commit to do, and feel, and be your best. When we can learn to do this for ourselves, we organically and effortlessly teach our children this as they observe how we treat ourselves when life doesn’t go right. We can essentially save them from a lifetime of trying to be perfect while learning to constantly raise our own bar and transform into better and better versions our ourselves.

[38:50] Throughout the day, just pick today, and pick an agreement, just one. Write it down, carry it around, put it on an index card, post it on your mirror, put it on your dashboard, where ever you go, just keep that agreement with you throughout the course of the day. And your day will expand and flow and be filled with greater love, greater ease, and greater peace of mind.


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Values & Four Agreements Meditation

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

Mahatma Gandhi


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