A-HA! Moments from the Sweet Spot

A-HA Moments from the Sweet Spot- Day 1


It has been radio silence for a while for me over on the blog. I’m in the middle of my annual fall trip to Carlsbad, CA (the sweetspot of the Universe) to sit with my meditation teacher davidji. It’s something I look forward to every year. It’s like coming home when you didn’t know you were lost.

Here are a few of the random insights that came from my first day of rounding meditation and discussion after four months of diving back into spiritual teachings:

  • I’m not upset. I’m “re-congifuring” and sometimes that means I need to retreat into my cave (or across the country) to do so.
  • I wish I could write on schedule, but my writing is often channeled through a stream of consciousness, at least the good stuff, and that doesn’t always happen on schedule. I’m learning to be okay with that.
  • There is great strength in vulnerability, even for a recovering perfectionist. (Click to Tweet.Yes, I’m talking about myself here
  • Truly, it doesn’t matter what you say, but how you make people feel will be imprinted on their soul and their consciousness.
  • I would travel anywhere and sacrifice to sit with my teacher.  This is how you know that’s the teacher or mentor you need at that point in your life to shine light on the gates you need to go through. There’s no question. In the words of Kim Garin, “It’s a Hell yes.
  • Repetition is important. I used to get worked up over wondering if my meditation students had already heard something I was teaching, but the fact of the matter is spiritual teachings mean different things to each of us at different points in our lives. They need to be repeated to make a difference.
  • We really all do share brain space. I don’t know why I continue to be surprised by serendipitous events or coincidence. They’ve happened so often and profoundly in my life, you think I would be used to them or expect them, but perhaps because I don’t that’s why they keep showing up. Or maybe you never get used to what is truly magical and unexplainable?
  • I miss my family more than I had anticipated. Again, how someone makes you feel is what truly matters.
  • Ideas really are living parts of consciousness looking for someone to bring life to them. They will move on to find another vehicle of expression if you drag your feet in their execution. If you are lucky enough to be chosen and accept one, honor it and put it out there, without regard to perfection or the need to take credit for it. The idea doesn’t care about your Ego. It just wants to be brought to life. I’ve finally forgiven myself for not holding up my end of the bargain on so many ideas that knocked at my door and thinking I missed out on success. My success was never the idea’s intention. They got birthed (by someone else) and that’s what really matters.
  • Good soul friends (the kind that you just pick up where you left off regardless of how long it’s been) are what make my heart feel like it can keep opening when I didn’t think it could open any further. I’ve been SUPER blessed in this arena.
  • Florida really does thin your blood. I’m a whimp in cold weather and really need to invest in heavier socks. 5:30 am beach meditations for an hour in 42 degree weather are cold, but more than worth it. They deliver more to me than this blog post could ever convey.

That’s a lot of insight for one day! Now you know why I have so many frequent flyer miles ☺