No Wonder It Feels Like My Ovaries are Trying to Kill Me

Have you ever stood up mid way through your cycle and felt like you were being pinched from the inside out by your ovaries? The pain is brief, but the struggle is real for all of about 5-15 minutes. I'd swear sometimes there is a small statured man in their trying to punch his way out.  

Middleschmertz- also know as pain mid cycle pain (named for the doctor who figured it out) can happen during ovulation. Some women will feel cramps or bloating for about a day during ovulation, others will simply notice a sharp one sided pain that is brief and fleeting indicating a high likelihood that ovulation just occurred. We used to think that ovulation happened in a quick burst, but recently a camera during a pelvic surgery in the UK caught the entire thing on camera and it lasted 15 minutes. Anyone that looks at these pictures will have an understanding of why they experience middleschmertz and that it's normal. P.S. This picture isn't graphic, however, I wouldn't open it up during a meal unless you are completely desensitized to the amazing feats of the human body. When I say feats, I mean wierdness.

While brief pain mid cycle may be a normal part of how mother nature works, PMS that starts at ovulation and lasts for two weeks is not normal! If you experience bloating, mood changes, digestion changes, and abdominal discomfort for more than a couple of days leading up to your period, herbal medicine a few lifestyle tweaks could very easily give you your care free life back. Qi stagnation is most likely the culprit, and formula like Free and Easy Wanderer or ProSoothe II could bring relief as soon as 1-2 cycles. As always, consult your qualified herbalist before self prescribing anything!

Cheers to pain free days ahead!