Gratitude through Self-Love (Part Five of Five)

Ahhhh, we are finally here at part five! Can you believe it?

We’ve spent five weeks together progressively shifting our attitudes from ones of fear and negative conditioning towards all of the things we are grateful for. This is the end of our series together, but just the beginning as you start to see life through newly polished lenses of an attitude of gratitude.

Last week we took a hot minute to explore the five realms of our life and what we were grateful for in each part physically, emotionally, spiritually, economically, and in our relationships. If you liked this mini exercise and want more, I once again encourage you to go deep with a week or weekend course with my teacher davidji.  Learn more about that event here.


Today we are going to shift from the macro view of our lives and all of the external “things” we are grateful for towards the micro view of ourselves--the internal. What is it about us as unique individuals that we are grateful for? What do we appreciate about ourselves?

This is not a list of things we are perfect at, rather a list of the parts of ourselves we genuinely like.

Just like last week, this exercise will require a pen and paper as we, this time, create a list of things we are grateful for about ourselves.

Let's get you started thinking...

What parts of you have you spent time cultivating? Have you persevered in some way? Do you have an ability to follow through? Are your words always kind, lifting others up? Have you recently learned to live with an open heart? Are you a good cook? Do you have rockin style? Have you dropped the need to have expectations of events and relationships? Have you shifted into an eternal optimist? Are you becoming more disciplined in your meditation practice? Have you recently forgiven yourself for something? Do you like the way you love? Do you appreciate the way you take care of others? Are you a dedicated wife, daughter, sister, friend, employee, boss or leader? Are you able to always find humor in a situation? Have you recently become aware of your connection to all living things as a whole and are nurturing that relationship?  These are just a few examples to get you percolating.

If you are like many people, you will have no problem having an attitude of gratitude for others, but the trouble will come when you shift the focus to yourself. Somewhere along the way we were conditioned to believe that it was narcissistic to actually think about what makes us unique. So let’s start the process of unraveling that incorrect belief by taking a few minutes to list twelve qualities you are grateful for about yourself.  

Begin by listing those five items you distilled down last week from the five realms. Really allow you’re your body to FEEL the gratitude wash over you. Prime those cells with gratitude and oxytocin.

Now ask yourself, “What qualities am I grateful for that live within me, or what makes me unique?” Don’t overthink it. Don’t judge it. Just let it flow. Write them down. Twelve things. You can do it.

When you've finished, you will want to keep this list. Keep this somewhere private but accessible.  Maybe you put it on your password protected smart phone in a notes app. Or maybe you email it to yourself.  Every time you are feeling less than or as if your world is coming unglued, revisit this conversation with yourself. I’m willing to bet you have forgotten the world needs one or all of these very special pieces of you!  

Just like there are many pieces of us that make us our whole unique selves, we are a piece of the Universe and it needs all of us to make it whole.  Shine bright my friends, especially when it’s dark and stormy out. (Click to tweet.) That light may illuminate a very unique solution!

Thanks for tuning inwards and doing your part to strengthen the whole today and throughout this series. 

Don’t forget to check out our guided meditation that goes along with today’s blog on the meditation page and embedded below for easy access.

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