Press Here to Get That Baby Out Pronto

Alright ladies, here are some acupressure points you can use to induce labor naturally or help a stalled labor get back on track. To be clear, please don't start these until your are full term. Also, because we are using pressure instead of needles (acupuncture), it's going to take some effort on your part. What do I mean by this, I mean you or your partner are going to have to do them every hour or so and sometimes for days to really get things rolling. So, don't try it once and decide it didn't work. Make a decision and keep at it.

Helpful tips to remember while giving yourself or someone else acupressure are.....

  • Intent matters! Pay attention to what you are doing and signals your body is delivering back so you understand which points are working at which time. The "magic" points for you might change as your labor progresses.

  • Stay calm- This is energy medicine and your energy can transfer from another person or to baby. So resist the urge to perform this if your anxiety is through the roof or if your partner is the one administering and they've had enough that day. Take some deep breaths or a walk first and see if you can come down a few notches. Try using www.Free-binaural-beats to stay calm. Theta for deep calm and delta for sleep. Use it leading up to and while you're in labor for best results.

  • Feel free to laugh at my serious nature and lab coat in this video. This was almost 5 years ago and I can barely watch myself now without a glass of wine, however, there is a lot of really good info in here that I teach to my patients every day so I'm posting it for you. Don't forget to teach your kids, what goes on the internet-stays on the internet.

SP6 used post 38 weeks for cervical ripening.

SP6 used post 38 weeks for cervical ripening.

Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!
— The Hunger Games