What Does Meditation Have to Do With Trying to Conceive?

Why should you meditate when trying to conceive? Here is the simple easy to digest answer. When you are stressed, even in low grade fight or flight, our sex hormones drop. Our brain tells our body that our surroundings are not safe enough to create and sustain life so it short circuits our hormones before we can even try. When you meditate 15-30 minutes a day, you actually move your nervous system from fight or flight into a state known as rest and digest or breed and feed sending the message to your body that all is well and normal programming can begin again. Your body wants to create life, just not in the face of stress. The problem is, the reptilian part of our brain that sounds the stress alarm bells and ceases hormonal production hasn’t caught up with modern day society. It thinks your email dinger or that doctors appointment you have scheduled is the equivalent to a saber tooth tiger waiting to make you lunch. After 8 weeks of meditation your brain actually starts to reshape itself, specifically in the hippocampus and the amygdala, the areas that help with our resolve to keep trying and proper emotional responses.

Nod with me if you could stand to be a little less emotionally reactive and strengthen your resolve to keep trying to having a healthy happy baby.

Thirty minutes of meditation has even been shown to be more powerful than REM sleep. How can this be? Well, after the sun has risen and we are still trying to sleep, our pineal gland stops making melatonin and serotonin (feel good calming hormones). Our skin actually relays the message to our pineal gland via mitochondria that the sun is up and it’s time to stop making those hormones.

When we meditate during the day, it by passes this message affecting the pineal gland directly turning on our ability to continue to make these super calming hormones enabling us to sleep better and fight the, “Where’s my baby blues?” 

I often describe fertility struggles as a path of spiritual endurance, because no matter whether you practice religion or not, your resolve and faith is tested over and over. Meditation can help you dig deep and find your resolve and confidence. 

This is exactly why I created the first ever Fertility Meditation challenge.

This is something that has been on my mind and in my heart for years now and it’s really cool seeing it all finally piece together in this work of art really. It’s been huge for me to be able to creative express myself and teach a population that deserves as much help as they can get. And it’s allowing me to affect the lives of as many people as possible. If I can teach people how to know themselves better faults and all, how to love a little deeper, how to stay cool and calm under stress, and how communicate in a more conscious manner BEFORE they become parents, I actually get to help shape the trajectory of lives before they are created and to me that’s just so cool. Men and Women spend so much money on anything that will help them try to conceive, and I wanted to create a free place of sanctuary for them. 

These practices will help you to ease suffering, break through limiting beliefs, regain touch with yourself and your partner, and increase your resolve to keep trying and your enhance your faith in your body.

My beloved teacher, davidji pioneered this path by creating the first ever meditation challenge when he was Deepak Chopra's right hand man for a decade. All of those Deepak & Oprah challenges are a result of his day dream and I now I have followed his path crafting a challenge that is truly unique to the needs of a couple trying to conceive. 

Because Meditation has its roots in other cultures I thought I would go over a couple basic terms so you feel confident along the way. You'll also get a feel for the types of meditations you will be doing during the challenge.  

You’ll hear me say Mantra a lot. The word mantra means Mind Vehicle or Mind Tool. It is the tool we will use as a point of light focus. Learning to direct your attention where you want it rather than being reactively tossed around like a ping pong ball certainly has its benefits when you think about doctors appointments, procedures, giving blood, awaiting test results or even the two week wait. You’ll learn how to redirect yourself from that recording in your mind to a happier calmer place. I don’t know about you, but the recording that replays in my mind can say some pretty harsh stuff when it gets going. The mantra meditation will help you to understand that you have thoughts, but you aren’t your thoughts and that you have the ability to place your awareness anywhere you want, even when that recording is really really loud. 

The other term you will hear a ton is chakra. Chakra means wheel. I like to think of it as an energetic gear with a certain job. Sometimes that gear is well oiled and moving nicely, other times it gets clogged and rusty. Being that all 7 gears or chakras interlock with one another like the insides of a watch, if one is stuck it can throw the entire system off. Chakras are energetic centers that have the ability to house our emotions and beliefs. And because energy precedes matter, energetic accumulations or depletion in these areas starts to affect our physiology over time. We are going to spend a lot of time in this challenge, cleaning them out, oiling them up and examining and tossing any belief that don’t serve you and your ability to become a parent. 

Here's an example of what you'll experience each day.

There are colors associated with each chakra. Some people see or sense them immediately, others do not and it takes some time. Just like some people are a visual learner over auditory or kinetic which is learning by feeling and doing, your strengths in meditation will take on one of those characteristics. I was one of those people that couldn't see the colors at first, though I was acutely aware of the feeling of the chakra in my body when I placed my attention on it. So don’t worry if you don’t see the colors, or if you can’t seem to hold onto a mantra, or you don’t feel what I’m describing. This is the very reason I am presenting you with three different ways of meditating so you can find your strengths and or develop your weaknesses. 

And finally, why acupressure points? I wanted to help bring your meditations into the body so I choose to add them in. The meridians or what are known as the extraordinary vessels in traditional chinese medicine that I have chosen for this challenge, are the ones I use in my practice when treating fertility and gynecological issues with great success. I wanted to give everyone the experience of being able to tap into these areas, regardless of where you live or whether or not you can afford acupuncture. Don’t worry about getting the point perfectly right. There will be pictures and you’ll hear me describe where to go during the meditation. It’s more about the intention and using your mind to connect with areas of your body than it is about getting it exactly right so don’t get hung up on perfection. 

There will be a place at the end of each meditation where you can comment about what you liked or didn’t like and if you feel open to sharing any questions or experiences you had, great! 

This challenge begins August 26th. I’m keeping the doors open for the first 3 days, until August 29th. There's great power in a collective group of people doing something together and I want to keep everyone at relatively the same place to capitalize on the power of this unique collective.

If you know anyone that could benefit, reach out to them and lift them up by inviting them in! 


Click the image below & you’ll find the path to a brief chakra meditation that goes over all seven chakras.

Some days we will be focusing on one or two, but truly they work together as a system which is why you will be starting with all of them. I wanted to give you a little taste of the kind of meditations we will be doing. I’ll see you then!



Press Here to Get That Baby Out Pronto

Alright ladies, here are some acupressure points you can use to induce labor naturally or help a stalled labor get back on track. To be clear, please don't start these until your are full term. Also, because we are using pressure instead of needles (acupuncture), it's going to take some effort on your part. What do I mean by this, I mean you or your partner are going to have to do them every hour or so and sometimes for days to really get things rolling. So, don't try it once and decide it didn't work. Make a decision and keep at it.

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Acupuncture for Breech Presentation- Myth or Very Possible???

moxa breech

With an all time high rate of 32.8% for cesarian birth in our country, Acupuncture has recently gained popularity as a method of turning a breech baby or inducing labor naturally.  This article seeks to demystify this ancient approach as I have seen it work time and time again. Traditionally, the point named Zhi Yin or UB-67, located on the lateral side of the pinky toe is used to turn a baby in breech presentation. Zhi Yin translates to “Reaching Yin.”  For those of you with some working knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, one can understand how a fetus would be the utmost Yin (fluid, soft tissue, or very center) of a woman’s body as the fetus does not obtain its own Yang energy until it takes its first breath outside of the womb.

To offer assistance with breech presentation, often only one acupuncture appointment is needed. Typically the mother is instructed to continue using a technique called moxabustionat home for 10-20 minutes a day until her next sonogram or physical examination. Moxabustion is a technique that involves burning of an herb called mugwort to gently stimulate an acupuncture point. Exceptions to this treatment are when there are structural hindrances in the mother’s body, low levels of amniotic fluid, dehydration or what we sometimes call blood deficiency in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Points and techniques are chosen to address the blocks first before attempting to needle or moxa the point that coerce the baby to turn into the proper head down position.  When the mother is properly hydrated it increases the volume of amniotic fluid allowing the baby to turn with ease.  When the mother is properly nourished, the blood supply in the uterus is ample allowing the baby to turn and calmly remain in the head down position instead of becoming what we refer to as “restless” and moving in and out of position.  Helpful food choices that prime a pregnant woman’s body for optimal conditions for a fetus to turn can include coconut water, fruits high in water content, eggs, avocados, red meat, red raspberry leaf tea, and fatty fishes that are high in omega-3 like salmon and tuna.

Although babies can be successfully relocated to the proper position up to the moment before birth, it is optimal to seek out treatment around week 33-34 of your pregnancy if you know your baby is not in the correct position. This ensures that all significant blocks to turning are addressed and allows more time with the baby’s head against the cervix to help release proper hormones needed for a smooth birth.