The Skinny On Acupuncture For Fertility

Yes, I provide acupuncture to enhance fertility outcomes no matter which path you are currently on; the natural route or the assisted route by means of IVF and IUI we are trained and happy to assist in either. 

Here are some common questions we get at Art of Acupuncture, my practice, when fertility patients are first scheduling. 

How soon should I come in for treatment?

The sooner the better. This doesn’t mean we can’t help you if you are late in your journey. We’ve seen it all from, “I’m trying to decide if I want to have a baby,” all the way to, "I’m having an IVF procedure in two weeks and I heard acupuncture can help.” After 10 years of doing this, my personal preference is to come 3 months prior to IVF if possible and as soon as you have made the decision to start trying to conceive. 

With natural conception the sooner we can regulate a menstrual cycle, educate and correct any timing issues, do diagnostic tests, and introduce the concept of becoming more Yin in order to receive life, the sooner we usually have success.  

With IVF we want to build the foundation to its peak level BEFORE going into a cycle. This is even more important when you consider the fact you will potentially harvesting eggs that will ultimately turn into more than one child. The length of follicular genesis of an egg ready to ovulate from the germ cell that it originated from deep within the ovary is 90-120 days. By treating the woman during this portion of the growth you can potentially have an outcome on its genetic expression that is positive while circulating as much nourishing blood to the ovaries and regulating the cycle to create an optimum uterine lining. 

How often will I need to come back?

This depends on you, your stress levels, the nature of your fertility challenges, your financial ability, and what you deem to be getting out of our time together. This is why there is no hard fast rule. On average I would say I treat women three times a month for an average of 3-9 months before success. Like anything there are always outliers meaning the people that get pregnant after one session (which is really rare) or those who need physical, emotional, and spiritual bolstering to sustain them on a long journey that could last years in some complicated cases. I usually suggest that a couple commits to one season and then evaluate for themselves what benefits they have gained even if they haven’t conceived yet. This gives us time to make some deeper changes while giving you ample chance to evaluate your response. Are you calmer, more energetic, sleeping better, embodying a more positive outlook, sleeping more sound etc. These are all signs that you are moving into the right condition of health where life wants to happen. Read more here about how your Nervous System can affect your fertility. 

Is there a superior time in my cycle to schedule an acupuncture treatment?

Yes and No. If it means it’s totally going to stress you out squeeze in a session only to dart out the door to the next, it may not have it’s optimum effect. Are there ideal days I try and see you to encourage certain things to happen in your cycle- Yes! Typically after your intake it is discussed as to which days would be best for your particular fertility challenges. (day 1 of your cycle is the first morning you have your menses)

Days 1-4- This is helpful if you experience painful periods that are debilitating or immense grief that another month has passed without your baby.

Days 4-6 - treatments in this stage help to ensure the uterus has fully emptied it’s lining so a fresh one can be built, giving you the best chances for implantation to happen successfully. Treatments in this stage also begin to guide blood flow to the ovaries and hope to encourage epigenetic to express in a positive manner, i.e. chromosomal expression.

Days 10-14- Treatments during this time are typically designed to stimulate ovulation. It can be helpful for both partners to come in for a treatment at this time if this is possible or desired by your partner. Some studies have shown that acupuncture can help increase an enzyme around sperm that is helpful for fertilization and implantation. Psychologically I find that it can sometimes be helpful for woman to feel supported in a fertility journey. This is couple specific and no one should ever force themselves to do acupuncture if they don’t want to. 

5 days post ovulation (approx days 17-19 of cycle but will vary based on actual fertilization)- a treatment during this time can potentially help to increase chances of implantation if scheduling allows. This is helpful when there is a history or chemical pregnancy, an “unexplained infertility” diagnosis, or repeated miscarriage. 

A few days before you are able to test- (approx days 26-28 but varies upon cycle length- If anxiety is your foe a gentle treatment during this time can help to sooth the tsunami of emotion that can happen. Meditation is also heavily recommended during the entire luteal phase and you can find free ones here.  

What are some of the conditions within fertility I have had experience treating? 

Unexplained infertility is my favorite because most of the time the paradigm of Chinese Medicine has an explanation as to why it’s not happening and then I can go about rebalancing the system to optimum levels so conception wants to occur naturally. I’ve treated many women with PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome), DOR (diminished ovarian reserve), AMA (advanced maternal age), MTHFR gene mutations, Corpus Luteum dysfunction or low progesterone, Endometriosis, Fibroids and am adept at treating male infertility as well. In my observation 30% of the time its the male that is the issue, 30% of the time it’s the female, and 30% of the time it’s a combination of both partners. Don’t avoid having your partner checked. I am also to help assist anyone going through IUI, IVF, or donor egg or sperm IVF’s. 

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May the fertility odds be ever in your favor!!!