Using Natural Treatment Strategies Wisely for Endometriosis When Trying to Conceive

Studies have shown a delay from 3 to 11 years between the onset of symptoms and the final diagnosis of endometriosis, with an average of 9.28 years before receiving a proper diagnosis![1] A key contributor to this delay are not only those mentioned above, but the fact that symptoms of endometriosis overlap with other conditions leading to misdiagnosis. Women with endometriosis are 3.5 times more likely to receive a diagnosis of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Women are also 6x more likely to have diagnosed with PID (pelvic inflammatory disease).

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Can Your Birth Story Shape How You Parent?

It has been said that your birth story dictates how you will parent. It is the essentially the fractal that plants the seed for how you will FEEL about mothering. At first blush it can seem like an overwhelming concept, but if you think about it in generalities it’s simplicity shines through. For most of us, our thoughts dictate our feelings which dictate our actions and actions give rise to our results or circumstance. 

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DIY Breastmilk Tea

Sometimes our breastmilk needs a helping hand. if you were what TCM refers to as blood deficient or yin deficient, this can be especially true. Other times, stress and the fight of flight response can hinder our milk supply. I find that if a woman has had a particularly traumatic first time birth, there is a tongue tie that makes it difficult for the baby to get a good latch or if nutrition has not been a priority milk production can be low right out of the gates leading to more frustration for mama and baby. Another time when the milk supply can take a dent is when mom returns to work or experiences a particularly stressful event (breastfeeding in and of itself can be this event for some). Today I’m going to share with you my tried and true breast milk tea recipe. It’s strong, but when done right it, you usually only have to make this batch once and drink it for 2 days to bolster the supply back, twice tops. You can purchase all fo these herbs at Star West Botanicals or Mountain Rose Herbs which are two of my favorite suppliers of organic and ethically sourced herbs. Or you can DM us to send you a batch or two to have on hand. 

Fennel- Foeniculum vulgare- 10 gm - a lactogogue and spasmolytic known to increase milk supply 

Alfalfa- Medicago Sativa- 15gm A nutritive herb indicated for Iron deficiency that moistens dryness in the lady parts

Milky Oats- Avena Sativa- 10 gm-A nerving shown to help with nervous exhaustion and to increase milk supply

Blessed Thistle- Cnicus Benedictus- 10 gm - Both an appetite stimulant and lactagogue known to increase breast milk

Red Raspberry Leaf- Rubus idaeus- 10gm- a nutritive and astringing herb that is a known uterine tonic

Lavender- lavendula officinalis- 5gm- a mild antidepressant with mild sedative properties to help you both stay calm and nurse on

Chamomile- Matricaria recutita- 5gm- an anti-inflammatory, nerving and spasmolytic used to decrease pelvic pain, decrease insomnia and soothe the nerves. 

Please use a pot that does NOT have a non stick coating if possible. Add above herbs with 2 liters of clean filtered water. Bring to a boil, place lid on pot and reduce to a simmer for 20 min. Strain tea and compost or toss the herbs. Save tea in glass jars if possible (mason jars work great). Consume the tea over the next 48 hours either hot or cold. Refrigerate after cooking. Keeps 4 days in fridge max. Again, 1-2 batches 

As always with any “natural” solutions, this is not a substitute for medical care. I encourage you to run it by your medical practitioner, especially if you have a complicated medical history including estrogenic fed cancers. If you were lucky enough to have had a midwife or doula they may have already suggested something similar. And if nursing is not all that you had hoped for, please contact a postpartum doula or lactation consultant to come to your home and help. You can find one at or if you are in the tampa bay area reach out to @buddhabellybirth for some stellar postpartum care. You and baby deserve the best during this time and sometimes we all need a little help.