What Do You Believe When It Comes to your Fertility?

I believe in the hierarchy of mother nature and the interconnectedness of all living things. I believe that when we are healthy in our body, mind, and heart- reproduction WANTS to happen because we are functioning at the top of our game. I believe there are creative solutions that embrace the uniqueness of the individual even for the most difficult challenges and they are available to everyone. And lastly, when it comes to reproduction, I believe that pregnancy is very different than most other goals we have ourselves as women. Pregnancy is very much something to be received, not achieved. It is a blessing of the highest degree to be bestowed upon us and the timing is simply not up to us at times. We can, however, learn to cultivate patience, clarity, and joy through learning how to be present for the journey towards becoming a mother while we are waiting to receive. #surrendertogether

Let's start the conversation. Please feel free to comment below about what you believe. Do you think it affects who you are, your health, or your genetic expression?